Your 5 top tips for boosting ENERGY levels!

🚀Top 5 tips for boosting ENERGY by The Feel Fabulous Project🚀

Whether your stuck at a desk or running round after the kids, tiredness can hit us all at some point! Here are my 5 top tips to avoid tiredness and reboot your energy levels any time of the day👇🏼

1 – Hydration – here it is again! We have been told countless times about how important hydration is for our health but it is also one of the most neglected areas for many people! For some reason we can drink wine all night long but struggle with water😂. I dare you to drink 2 litres of water a day….in fact I double dare you!! Do it and watch how things change…you will be surprised!!
NB: drinking from a wine glass may help with this task😉

2 – Exercise – Now I’m not saying you have to whack out a hit session mid meeting or when the kids are crying in your face BUT I am suggesting that when you are on your lunch break or stuck in the house you should take 20 minutes to stretch your legs and breath in some fresh air! Eating your lunch at the desk is not going to get you payrise and keeping the kids within 4 walls is not going to stop them from being annoying so GET OUTSIDE!! Rain or shine, enjoy what the world has to offer! Your energy levels will thank you for it and you will be more productive after so you might get that pay rise after all or at least have the energy to clean the house after😉

3 – Meditation – the quiet time that many avoid and think their rubbish at because they tried it that one time🙄
You don’t have to dress as a monk, cross your legs and reach a place of awakening every time you hit the mat and you don’t need a temple or a place of worship to make it happen either!
Sitting down and plugging your headphones in for ten minutes or just watching a tree wave around while you count your breaths are both simple ways to press the reset button and get you smiling through the rest of your day with a skip in your step😎👋🏼😁
If you want more suggestions and guidance on this then please let me know and I will be happy to tell you what I know 😘

4 – Eat your veggies mate!!!🥦🥕🍆🍇
We have been told since we were able to listen that fruit and veg is good for us….but who wants to do what’s good for us??? Well if your knackered everyday then you might want to give it a go now? If your body is suffering from a lack in nutrition then it will be fighting for survival everyday and that takes A LOT of energy!! Simple swap the chocolate bar for a juicy apple to start and build on it from there! Give your body a chance….all it wants is for you to feel good, let’s try and work with it shall we😉

5 – Get some quality sleep 😴 we all know what a lack of sleep can do to our mood and the way we feel but when life is so busy we often think we just don’t have time for it! By the time we have finished a long day at work or FINALLY get the kids to sleep we want to have some time to veg out and catch up on the things we love!! Yes those things are important but you can’t really enjoy them if your struggling to keep your eyes open while you do them!
Set yourself a goal to get to bed early at least twice a week and work on it from there! Have a hot bath booked in your diary and a good book to get to bed with! You will wake up refreshed and ready for a day where you feel more energised and ready to take on what the day has to offer😎🚀🙌🏼

It is my promise that if you do these 5 things consistently for even a week you will notice a huge difference in your energy, productivity and happiness😁
I could be lying, but there is only one way to find out😉 let me know how you get on and if you have any questions please let me know!

Lots of love

Stacey😘 x x

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