When in Doubt….Go for a Run!!

When in Doubt….
Go for a Run!!

So its Sunday. The supposed ‘Day Of Rest’. Well thats if your not a mum, you don’t work the weekend and you don’t want to be organised for the rest of your week of course. Its a very different world that we live in compared to when this ‘Day Of Rest’ was named and created so I think its about time we adjusted.

For me, Sunday is about family, thinking, reflecting, focusing, planning, having fun and trying with all my will to enjoy the present moment. Not much time for rest when all of this is going on! When we are not drowned by the responsibility of being at work, doing school runs and juggling the balls of life, then it can feel like a restful day i guess but for a modern women trying to be her best the pressure can still be ever present even on a Sunday and the inside of my mind is defiantly a representation of this today!

So after spending the day visiting family, collecting and dropping off children and having dinner with my loved ones I was left with a overwhelming and unsettled feeling. Yes I should have done my meditation and the things i said i would first thing this morning but at that time my mind was in support of the ‘Day Of Rest’ and I decided to have a mini lay in. This I personally feel is where it all went wrong! I must remember to practice what I preach! As I write this I realise this!

So anyway, once I returned home and was accompanied by my son and nephew who were enjoying catching up with their good friend Mr.Xbox (really nice guy who looks after you kids when you got to get shit done) I decided I would go for a run. Now I realised I couldn’t go for my usual run as I was going to have to leave the children unattended so I went online and mapped out a 1 mile circle around my house. I then downed some water, got my gym gear on, ensured the kids knew how to contact me in an emergency and I headed off.

I decided at the start i was going to do 4 miles. VERY IMPORTANT that you commit to this before you head off otherwise, BELIEVE ME, you will be back in house with your PJ’s on wishing you done more before you know it.

Now, usually, I am a morning person when it comes to a workout and my body and mind were immediately wondering what the hell was going on. It was pretty uncomfortable from the start, but so was my current bloated belly so i thought to myself that the short term discomfort of a run was going to be better then the prolonged discomfort of my belly and the self doubt and negative thoughts that come with that! Within about 3 seconds I realised I didn’t give my dinner enough time to digest and the roast lamb was starting to repeat on me! Not the taste you want in your mouth when you start running but I was here now so I had to get on with it. I know better then most that the first mile is the hardest and that I would find my flow so just had to keep going!

The cold air hit my chest and my breathing was not as it usually is. I start to think that maybe I do have a virus in my body still. I currently have an unexplained rash on my torso and have had even more unexplained tiredness the last couple of weeks so maybe my body is already having a battle that I know little about??? Maybe a little too much information, but that was the thoughts for my first 10 minutes.

As I realise that my mind is wondering and won’t switch off from how hard I was finding the run, I decided to start counting my steps with 1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2. This is a really good way to stay focused when your struggling through a run and it served me well. Before I knew it I was coming up to the end of my 2nd circuit and I was feeling a little better about it all. The worry of the kids came to my mind and the possibility of actually only doing 3 circuits rather then 4.

This was obviously my minds way of finding an excuse to cut my workout short, but I knew this and wasn’t letting it happen. For some reason today, it almost felt like my first run again. When I found it hard, when I was not comfortable and when I had insecurities about my body that were driving me to be there. You see, for a long time I have been doing exercise for maintenance of my body that I had already worked hard to get and for my mental health rather then my physical.

Today it felt different and I guess it was because it was. I was running at a time I didn’t usually, on a circuit I didn’t usually and with a battle that wasn’t usual. By the start of the 4th circuit I started to feel better. Mainly because I knew it was the last one and I could go home again soon. But also because I had managed to clear my head, do what I actually set out to do and feel a little more in control of myself. You see, as we all know, there are MANY things that we can not control in our lives and for me it has been a blessing to realise the things I can control and focus on them. I could focus on all the negative shit going on in my life, the things that aren’t going so well and the people who I wish were different, but that would, plain and simply, be a big fat waste of my time. Don’t get me wrong, I spent many years focusing on this shit, but believe me when I say, that way of life sucked any goodness out of my me completely.

Whilst on my run I realised one big error that was currently dragging me down. I wasn’t adjusting to the change. Its the Summer holidays and life is different and yet I was still trying to run my life, my workouts, my food intake, my routine as if it wasn’t. I realised I needed to make a new plan. One that would mean I wouldn’t be trying to squeeze everything into a framework that wasn’t my reality. I now have a new plan and I feel empowered once again! Well sort of haha, but I’m sure tomorrow will serve me better and I will get my shit together after a better start to my day.

From today I offer you 3 pieces of advice: 

  1. Start your day the right way – its where the magic happens!
  2. Adjust to the change – stop fighting for things to stay the same because thats what worked before. If things change then you have to change. Yes, it may feel uncomfortable but the magic happens outside your comfort zone which means you have now had 2 servings of magic;)
  3. If in doubt, GO FOR A RUN!! I think its clear from this blog that some magic happened along the way in my run tonight and it can for you too. If you can’t run, then walk and if you can’t walk then crawl!! Whatever the circumstances, whatever the excuses just GO AND MAKE IT FUCKING HAPPEN!! You will thank yourself for it I promise:-)

Hope you all have a fabulously magical week.

Stacey Nowicki
Health & Lifestyle Coach
The Feel Fabulous Project 

Helping Mums Find Themselves Again 


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