Morning Mantra:
The Breakfast Challenge

Changing your lifestyle and reaching your goals in life can be overwhelming and at times seem impossible.  We go round and round in circles trying to get where we want to be and with each failure our self belief is chipped away at until it almost doesn’t exist anymore.  We become deflated, angry and disappointed with ourselves and in some cases we just, point blank, give up.

Read on and see What You CAN DO!

This usually happens when we make our decisions in moments of high motivation and take on too much.  We are in the ‘I CAN DO ANYTHING’ mindset and literally feel like ‘THIS IS IT…THIS IS MY TIME’.  Although this is an amazing place to be it is often short lived and we either stop doing what we needed to get us in that state of mind or we give up at the first hurdle.  Sound familiar? Well you are NOT alone my friends…this is a very common cycle that people go through and we are here to overcome it!

The purpose of this challenge is not to just help you start your day in the right way but is also to start re building your self belief by keeping you focused on one area of self improvement at a time.  Its literally 4% of your day so I have every faith that you will be able to stick to it!

Ok, so lets get to it….

This challenge will include set activities that you will complete EVERY morning!  There will be days that you want to wake up, have a moan, down a coffee and stick your middle finger up at the neighbors as you speed of to work, but you can leave that for later on in the day if you still feel like it;-)

Your mornings are now going be CONSCIOUS.  No more dragging yourself out of bed, walking to the toilet with your eyes closed thinking ‘I hate my life – why do mornings even exist?’, then worrying about being late, shouting at the kids, wanting to punch the alarm clock for continuing to go off even though your already up, drinking coffee, stuffing breakfast down, then driving to work in a fury ready for a day where you paint the smile on, push through the tiredness and hope no one notices you forgot to brush your teeth (the shame…hahaha)!!!

This may seem extreme but if we are honest with ourselves we have all had days like the above and these days this is more common then it really should be!  Now I can’t say I can change all the crap things that happen to you but I honestly believe that what you do in the first hour of your day really does have an effect on the rest of it, so lets try and make things better!

The following steps have been recommend based on experience and recommendations for world professionals around the world.  There is nothing too extreme and there is not anything that everyone can’t do so I am confident that this ‘Morning Mantra – Breakfast Challenge’ will be accessible and achievable for all.

Your Morning Mantra


Ok so this is where it all starts. Your mind is more powerful then we give it credit for and the art of gratitude has been widely known as something that can turn your mood into a good one! This is a crucial part of the process and will take a conscious effort but will be well worth it! As you wake up, go the toilet and before you do anything else you are going to think of all the things you are grateful for ( at least 10). An example would be, open your eyes and give thanks for the day, open the curtains and be thankful for the sun, be grateful for the ability to walk, for the house you live in, for the clean water you have access to and for yours and your families health. It doesn’t matter what it is, just make sure you show gratitude and say THANK YOU. If it helps you can put some pictures on the wall of happy quotes or your own gratitude list to help remind you to do it. The important thing is that you don’t skip it, so do whatever works for you to make it happen.


As mentioned instep 1, your mind is a very powerful tool but if neglected it can work against you.  Although your spirits should have been lifted as your reminded yourself of all the things in your life that you are grateful for its time to take it to another level.  Now this step can be anything from listening to that song that would have you dancing the funky chicken on a night out or it could be listening to something that will target a specific area that you want to improve.  If you lack motivation, self belief, self love or are just prone to low mood then there is a whole host of YouTube clips that are free to use to help you through.  If you need any help with recommendations on this then please let me know as I have a library of them that I use on rotation and I would be happy to share what has worked for me.  The point here is that you are filling your mind with POSITIVITY instead of negativity.  If you love to keep up with the news, reading the gossip in a magazine or Facebook then you can leave that for later.  This part of your day is dedicated to YOU and getting the best out of your morning so all distractions need to be removed.

Step 3 – CLEANSE

Now when you wake in the morning your body has been going through a natural detox process and currently there is a build up that needs to be cleared out.  Yes you may think that coffee and a fag is the only thing that will get you through, but trust me this will have a much more positive effect that will impact the rest of your day.  First you will be drinking WATER.  One pint will be enough and will start the cleansing process.  Its important that you use, chilled, filtered water and for ease possibly use a straw.  Remember drinking water is like taking a shower for your insides so enjoy every drop!  You will then be having GREEN TEA.  The benefits of this anti oxidant drink are endless so please just give it a google if you need convincing.

Step 4 – NOURISH

Now your body has started to cleanse its time to give it what it needs to fuel and nourish it for the day!  You will be using your complete shake mixed with fruits, veg and flavorings of your choice.  If you need any inspiration on this then I recommend that you go to the ‘Feel Fabulous Support Group’ where you can access a whole load of ideas and inspiration.  You will also be taking your choice of capsules now to kick start your day and flood your body with goodness so it can feel at its best.

Step 5 – SMILE

Its incredible how a smile can effect you.  In a world where people are under high levels of stress and unhappiness its important that you get at least one smile in your life a day…even if it is from yourself!:-)  You can even give yourself a little boost of self confidence by looking your self straight in the eye and say

Have a good day my friend…you got this shit’:-)

So that’s it!  5 simple steps that if followed have the potential to change your day, week, month, year or even your life.  No matter what happens, no matter what excuses are available, this routine is now a concrete part of your life for the first 30 days of the ‘Morning Mantra – Breakfast Challenge’.  After that we can assess your progress, the impact it has had and how we can improve and enhance this practice as you go.

Remember to keep it simple…be grateful, feed your mind with goodness, cleanse, nourish, smile:-)

I hope you enjoy the process and make the most of the tools you have available to you.  I wholeheartedly wish you the best of success on your journey.

Follow the steps, enjoy the process and remember that we all have your back.

Lots of love

Stacey Nowicki
Health & Lifestyle Coach
The Feel Fabulous Project 

Helping Mums Find Themselves Again 


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