The Meditation That Will Help You Get Your Perfect Body…..And keep It!!

You don’t usually see the words meditation and weightloss together, and there is reason for this.  For one, mediation is usually connected to hippies, monks and spiritual gurus who don’t seem to care much about body image and two because it’s the secret weapon that the sales people don’t want you to find out about.  Let’s be honest, if you gained your perfect body and kept it then you wouldn’t be very easy to sell to would you?  You wouldn’t be interested in the lastest detox or gadget that promises to help you lose weight because you would already be your perfect weight.  You also wouldn’t need any other outside material thing to give you happiness because you would have created that yourself.  You would be fully in control of your choices and would be VERY annoying to the people around you trying to tell you that you are not good enough and that you need to buy something off them that will fix that.

Take a moment to think of yourself like a TREE. Yes, you heard me right….I’m not going mad I promise…stick with me. Lets say you’re a large apple tree and you notice your apples and leaves are not looking too clever.  You decide its time for change and start to shake off your mouldy old apples and old leaves.  You spray your branches with some fancy new spray and shake yourself off for as long as it takes until you feel a lot better about yourself.  Job done right?  Well a new season comes and your leaves and apples start to grow again, but something doesn’t seem to be right?  The apples and leaves seem to be bad?  Like they were before?  How can this be?  You start to shake them all off again and follow the same process as before but AGAIN it keeps happening!!  You look at your mate (lets call her an oak tree:-) and ask her what her secret is.  She seems to be calm and happy and making little effort but looks amazing ALL the time!!  When asked, the oak tree explains that her external appearance is a reflection of what is going on at her ROOTS and that’s what any tree needs to work on if she desires to look and feel as good as she does.  She explains that her leaves are beautiful because the foundations they grow from are well nourished and all her focus is on looking after the inside that shines through on the outside.  You can’t see her roots of course, but that doesn’t mean they are not there.  They are the very things that give that big oak tree her strength, her beauty and her ability to weather the harshest storms. 

Why do I tell you this random story about a tree??  Because you are just the same.  If you struggle with weight-loss, self love, motivation, feeling overwhelmed or stressed then you are what we like to call HUMAN!!  We are all human, dealing with a very human and ever changing world, but one thing will always remain the same.  Your outside world is a direct reflection of your inside world and that is where the work needs to be done.  You can hit the gym, calorie control your day and run until the cows come home but if your inside is still battling with unhappiness, old patterns, emotional eating and filling that hole with work, shopping or anything else then you will keep finding yourself back to the same old place as before! Sound familiar??  Well you’re not alone and we have the answer right here!

Mediation has many benefits including gaining your perfect body, but how does it do it?  Well when you escape the crazy world for even a matter of minutes it helps you to gain a calmness that nothing else can give you.  This calm makes you happy and have more energy, your body has had time to re-boot.  When you’re happy and have more energy, you will naturally want to make better choices and will be more active.  Your immune system and metabolism will be boosted and your body will be more in balance and function as it should.  You will start to have more compassion for yourself and listen to your bodies needs.  You feel less of a need to compare yourself to others as you will start to realise that you were born perfectly unique and although your body right now might be a reflection of old patterns, you know you are enough JUST AS YOU ARE and can start to look after yourself from a place of love rather then hate.  You will be more focused and organised which will make you more productive and successful in anything you put your mind to.  The outside stuff will mean less and self love and love for your family and friends will become more.  This all combined will create a shift of change within you and your perfect body (and life) will be born.  Anyone excited yet?

So the final question to be answered is, what is the magic mediation that will help you get the perfect body and keep it? 

The answer is, the one you do CONSISTENTLY!!  You can try it for a week and decide its not for you or you can try it for a month and see the power it has.  It doesn’t matter if its guided, visualised, silent or anything else.  If you do it daily then it WILL WORK and you will see the magic in it.  I have worked with hundreds of women over the years and this is the one thing they drop or don’t try at all.  I understand why of course.  No one has ever said, sit there and do nothing and you will gain your perfect body, but the day has come that I am saying exactly that!  You may have dreamed of this day and can’t believe what you are reading but believe me…..IT WILL WORK!  How will you know if I’m telling the truth?  You won’t unless you try.  So today is your chance! Take on the challenge and mediate for up to 10 minutes a day, everyday for 30 days!  Track your journey, journal your day and let us know how you get on.  You never know….it might just change your lifeJ

Lots of Love

Stacey x x

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