Sunday Strolls In December

If you’re a single mum, from a broken family, you feel alone or you are actually alone, Sundays can be the hardest day of the week.  For many it’s a time to rest, relax and spend time with the people you love while you eat good food (probably made for you) and reboot for the week ahead. However if you’re not amongst this blessed group it can be a day of loneliness, negative reflection and…well…cleaning the bloody house…AGAIN!!!  Now I’m not here to make you feel sorry for anyone who is alone, some people would rather it that way and actually enjoy their own company on a Sunday, but I know from personal experience that at times it can be a sad day simply because you feel like you are not spending it how you’re supposed to be and lets be honest, comparison can be a bitch!  As I spent my own Sunday this week getting over a cold, whilst cleaning my house and hearing that my own child feels lonely it made me reflect A LOT!  I needed to get out of the house so we took a friends dog for a walk and enjoyed a Sunday stroll together, but my son still craved social stimulation and went to see some of the family afterwards.  During this time I was visited by a friend then did some yoga but still continued to reflect and ask the question… many other people are feeling like this?

I am blessed to have family close by, dogs to borrow, friends who come to visit and tools I can use to help me get my balance back but my thoughts were with the people who don’t have this.  I know only too well that as Christmas approaches, feelings of loneliness and isolation are going to be expanded, exaggerated and made to feel a whole lot worse and I want to do what I can to not only help others but help myself and my son not feel this.  When I started The Feel Fabulous Project my main focus was to ensure that women would not have to feel how I had in the past and that they had access to the tools, guidance and support that I had gained and benefited from.  To date this includes nutritional support and guidance, fitness sessions, online coaching and community support in the form of a private support group.  With this, I know that there are still barriers and people think they need to be interested in improving their health (their not entirely wrong) in order to get involved.  This is why I have decided that for the month of December I will be organising The Sunday Stroll.  This will be a weekly event at 1pm for every Sunday in December where people can get together and go for an hour long stroll in nature TOGETHER.  Now I know myself that a walk helps lift my mood in all areas, but this isn’t always something people want to do on their own and the purpose of this event is to bring EVERYONE together!  All ages, genders and species (I mean dogs when I say this haha) are welcome and will be have a smiling face waiting for them.  We hope this helps bring more people into the Feel Fabulous Family but if nothing else we hope to help people see that they are never truly alone and there is nothing a walk with friends cant fix.

Lots of love


For details of Sunday Stroll locations please visit our Facebook page @thefeelfabulousprojectcic

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