How my baby helped me love my body!

This month’s focus in the VIP members group is all around our Love Your Body programme.

Stacey and I wrote this programme 2 years ago to help our members and ourselves truly love our bodies unconditionally.  In a world full of comparison, ‘instagram models’ , peoples self worth being based on looks, we wanted to push past these boundaries and go back to the basics and really empower women to love themselves for who they are!

Often peoples main focus is weight (it was mine for so long too)  – we wanted to help people be free of the diet cycle that they were constantly in whilst changing their mindset, helping them to break down old habits and the negative thinking patterns they had built up over the years.

It had such a positive effect on everyone including myself. It was during my pregnancy that this programme was born and it truly helped me embrace my pregnancy and appreciate this new found love that I have for it. It really was life changing and still has had such a positive effect to this day. I am so much more body confident now than I ever was and I’m 2 stone heavier!

One of our tasks is to take the focus away from your weight and ditch the scales. But the reason I mentioned my weight was to show how much my mindset has changed. It was crazy that when I started this programme I was getting bigger and bigger by the day however I began to fall completely in love with it. I was happy, confident and in complete awe. And I still am!

How amazing is it to watch your bump grow, to see how your body shape changes to adapt to pregnancy? Your body grows this tiny amazing little human over 9 months. It is actually so beautiful when you think about how a baby grows, how it develops and how it is kept alive, whilst still having to function for the Mumma too.

However I know how hard it can be for a women to truly adjust and accept their changing bodies, as until the programme I wasn’t as accepting or truly at peace with my ever widening hips, these boobs that all of a sudden grew 3 sizes bigger and my ever expanding bum! But I learnt to fully embrace it! Even now, I’m not back to where I was pre Alfie – however I don’t want to be! My body changed, I changed and my body is better than ever before! I am so at peace with my physical appearance because I know who I am, I love my body and I respect it.

Here is the proof – at the end of the programme I had the confidence to bare all (well almost) and im sharing it with you now!

Food for thought…

Do you ever sit and realise how lucky you are, that our body just does what we want it to do with out even asking? The way our two feet just move without even thinking about it. The fact that we can view this beautiful world using our eyes. Your body is your temple and we really need to start looking after it. We only get one body as cheesy as it sounds and it deserves every inch of respect. Even the words that we tell ourselves about our physical appearance can have such a negative effect on our physical and mental health.

So let’s make a stand!!! It’s time to fully appreciate your body and mind!

So here are my 5 tips to help you on your way to loving everything about yourself

  1. Ditch the scales – it’s time to take your control back and realise that you are so much more than just a number on the scales. It’s not only the most ineffective way to measure your success (pics and measurements are so much better) but letting the sad step decide if you are going to have a bad day or good day has to end NOW or you will be a slave to them for the rest of your days! So go right now, grab them out of the bathroom and get them out of your house FOREVER!
  2. Practise gratitude – list 5 things that you are grateful for about your body. This can be anything from being able to walk, exercise, to hold your children’s hand or see the beautiful world.
  3. Look yourself in the mirror every morning and tell yourself YOU are beautiful. Give yourself a hug and remind yourself of the truly amazing person that you are. Write it on a post it note as a reminder too.
  4. Treat yourself – put yourself first for one day. Go and buy something or do something that you want or love. Because you truly deserve it. As we always say self care is absolutely undeniably essential.
  5. Write yourself a love letter. This is about building a positive relationship with yourself. Write down everything that you love about YOU, how you truly feel about your life in a loving way. Focus on your qualities, what makes you, YOU.  Finish it by writing down your hopes and dreams.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this and it has inspired you to start the journey of self love.

If you want to get involved and experience the FULL Love your body programme, now is the time to join us. With our summer schedule just starting too you have access to all of that and our programme. Get in touch today.

Love Hannah x

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