3 POWER FOODS that will help you lose weight….

If you ask any women what she truly wants, what would make her happy and what would make her feel like she is living her best life, I can guarantee that losing weight is at the top of that list!  Weightloss can be a real struggle and many of us will always be looking for the next thing that will help us get rid of our lumpy bits QUICKLY!!!!  Lets be honest, that’s probably why you are reading this right now!  If you have been on the diet battlefield for a long time, or even if you have just started, I’m here to tell you there is hope and below there are 3 POWER foods that can help you make it possible!!

BUT FIRST….lets answer the question….what is a POWER food????

And the answer is this….a food that gives YOU your POWER BACK!!! Now of course there are many recipes from ancient legends that include a multitude of rare ingredients and ways to consume that will help with weightloss and I’m sure you have probably tried them BUT if they truly worked then you wouldn’t be here.  These POWER foods are different and heres why….

1 – They are simple

2 – They can be used straight away

3 – They give you your control back without breaking the budget

4 – They can be used safely EVERYDAY for the rest of your life.  This is not a fade diet, but proven tools that can help you achieve your goals and MAINTAIN them!!

So here they are!!  Your 3 POWER foods that, if used can change the whole game!!  Lets get started….


Your first POWER FOOD is the one that is god given, prepared and consumed with happiness.   Nutritionally nourishing your body is the first step to FEELING satisfied, content and getting your body into balance.  Getting in your 5 a day will not only satisfy your hunger but will change your focus away from what you shouldn’t have, to what you should.  Now if you haven’t already stopped reading because your thinking this is just the same information you have been told 100 times before then I will continue to explain.  The fact is, fruits and veg has been put here to nourish your body and give it what it needs for survival! Yes the world has filled our minds with confusing information about the way we consume and these days it is all about convenience and having things that come in a package but our bodies NEEDS the nutrients of all fruits and veg.  They are all SUPERFOODS in their own right and they can be your POWERFOOD if you eat them!  Giving your body what it needs so it can be at its best doesn’t have to be complicated.  If you are not getting your 5 a day then your body will be starving and constantly telling you to EAT MORE! Sound familiar????  Well if the hunger constantly strikes then I can say with certainty that it is your body saying I NEED NUTRIENTS and if you keep giving it snacks out of a packet then I can promise you that this is not going to change.  Go grab yourself some fresh fruit and veg then see what happens to your body!  It will be a game changer!!


The second POWER FOOD is the one consumed to help you kick off your metabolism and stop you from making bad choices before your day has even begun. You guessed it, its BREAKFAST!!  I have been told by so many people that they are NOT a breakfast person and that may well be true BUT these people also tell me that they struggle with their weight and are ALWAYS hungry and craving sugary food by mid morning.  They also complain of tiredness and a constant dip in energy throughout the day.  Are you one of these people?  Well weather you are or your not, I’m here to tell you that breakfast IS very important and if you don’t eat a good one then you WILL get over hungry, you WILL overeat and your metabolism WILL be slow!!  Look at the patterns of your day and decide if you want them to change or if you want to keep telling yourself that your not that person who eats breakfast.  This POWERFOOD will not only boost your metabolism and help you lose weight but it will make your whole day a better one!  Give it a try for a week….what have you got to lose??


The third POWER FOOD is the one that stops you from getting hungry and keeps you in control of your choices.  Snacks are not usually taken too seriously and are often an afterthought rather than a planned meal.  Although this is the case, I KNOW the power of snacks and I KNOW they will help you on your weightloss journey, just as they have for me and many of my clients.  Have you ever been stuck in traffic, run late in a meeting, run out the door and get to your location starving or find yourself popping into the petrol station cause your hungry?????  Well these are just some of the occasions where snacks will have your back.  If used, they will ensure your blood sugars are balanced, will stop the over eating, will keep your metabolism boosted and will help you feel IN CONTROL when your workplace is celebrating yet another birthday with a tray of doughnuts.  Its time to fill your handbag with healthy snacks that will keep you going between meals and ensure you avoid the cake stand that seems to be always calling!  Something I learnt a long time ago is that when you think you fancy a cake, it’s actually just you feeling hungry.  The cake, chocolate, crisps and all the other crap will ALWAYS be appealing when your blood sugars are low and you’re hungry BUT if you’re constantly satisfied then you WILL stay strong! Give it a go and let me know how you get on.  Don’t be scared of eating too much, you’re not on a lifelong path of starvation and this POWERFOOD will help you see this!!

NB: Some suggested snacks are fruit, raw chopped veg with humus, nakd bars, boiled eggs and rice cakes with wholefood peanut butter)

So that’s it!  Your 3 POWER FOODS that if put into practice WILL help you lose that stubborn fat and WILL help you regain your control!  Why not make it easy on yourself and hit it up all 3 at once! Include your 5 a day in your breakfast and snacks and you will see a huge difference in the way your body feels and what it craves. 

I hope this has help whoever reads it and I will look forward to hearing how you all get on.

Lots of love

Stacey x x x

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