3 FREE recipes that will get you a DATE, help you lose WEIGHT and make you feel GREAT!!

The following blog has been created for the girls who are sick of waiting for a man (or women) to take her on a date, she can’t understand why (even when eating well all the time) she can’t lose weight and for the girl who wants to feel great! If you are that girl then READ TILL THE END and I promise you will have the answer to your questions:-)

Lets be honest, whether you are single or married, the chances are that if your waiting on someone else taking you on a date then you will be waiting a long ass time. Its also probably been a long ass time since you ate anything with the intention of it being a way to show yourself some love too!!  We usually just eat food because we are hungry and scoff it down quickly (maybe whilst watching TV) and don’t even take a moment to taste it!  Due to the rush we are in our bodies don’t even get a chance to register that we have eaten and before the last mouthful is even taken we have our heads back in the cupboard wondering what else there is!  It seems the only time we TREAT ourselves or show ourselves some love with food is when its sugar filled, off plan and leaves us feeling bloated and guilty afterwards (let the body shaming begin).  Now I’m not saying this food doesn’t have its place, everyone loves a naughty meal from time to time (without the unnecessary guilt) but what I am saying is that you can treat yourself with good food too…and you don’t have to sit around waiting to be taken on a date to do it! The problem most of us have is that we have become uninspired by food and we have slipped into routine habits with it which makes it boring, predictable and far from a treat! We fall into bad habits, lose our love for food and in some cases ourselves which of course makes us feel rubbish and reaching for more chocolate:-(  If this is you then I’m here to say that I have your back and I also have a plan!

Below you will find 3 simple recipes combined with 3 simple steps will allow you to try a new recipe, have a beautiful evening meal with the people you love (even if this is just you) and provide a new way to look at food and the part it plays in our lives.  Lets get started!!

Step one – Its Time For A Date Night – I think we all make a special effort when guests come round for dinner and if you’re a mum then I’m sure you have made smiley faces out of your children’s food in an attempt to help them enjoy it more, but when was the last time you treated yourself in this way?  More often than not, we are rushing around so much and only worried about the calorie content of food that we forget that we are actually supposed to enjoy it and use it to nourish our bodies.  You can find yourself unconsciously eating in front of the TV or eating quickly on the go which adds to the lack of connection and enjoyment of food.  Food should be used to bring people together and helps us take an opportunity to relax and be grateful with our families, but this has been lost along the way and today I want to help you get some of this back….even if its just for one meal this week!  So your first step is to choose an evening that you can treat as a date night for yourself and anyone who you choose to share it with (even if it’s just you and your cat). You will be laying the table, taking a seat and drinking your water from your favourite wine glass (lighting a candle and having flowers you brought for yourself is optional but recommended)!  So that’s step 1; Get the diary out, book a date and get excited about your special evening!

Step 2 – Choose A NEW Recipe To Cook.  Its very easy for us to get uninspired with food which is why its so important to try new things. When we become uninspired, we can slip back into old habits and the weight can start to creep back on too. Trying a new recipe doesn’t have to be complicated or even fancy, but something you want to try.  Below I have included 3 options which I hope you will enjoy but if they don’t tickle your fancy then there is a world of food out there waiting for you to try so explore a little and see what you find. The positive side effect of trying something new knows no ends so give it a try and see what happens!

Step 3 – Eat That Food Like You Are Sat On A First Date!  We all know how we eat our food when we are sat in front of someone we fancy and this is a great way for us to eat our food slowly, mindfully and consciously.  I was once told by a shaman (One of those super spiritual gurus who ooze knowledge and happiness) that you would be better off eating a burger with a smile on your face then a salad you are hating on and eating whilst stressed. His message was simple…. Its not always about the food you EAT but its HOW you eat it that counts!  Our bodies our VERY responsive to how we feel and actually when you are stressed your digestive system shuts down.  This is often why we feel bloated when eating on the go and have stomach problems after.  Sitting down in a relaxed environment whilst eating your food is important and although a first date isn’t always relaxing lol, the setting and the way you eat your food is!  Give thanks for the food your eating and the people you are able to eat it with and watch how much more enjoyable it is.  Switch off from the worries of the day and learn to taste your food again.  It’s making me smile just thinking about it!

So now you know your steps, I will leave you with your food….and here it is!!

Saturday night ‘kick ass’ salad bowl🥗
Ingredients and instructions:
Shop brought falafel
Halumi cheese 
Nuts and seeds 
Spring onions 
Herbs and spices 
I cooked the shop brought falafel and at the same time roasted nuts and seeds that were seasoned in smoked paprika, chilli powder, salt, pepper and garlic. While this was cooking I prepared the parsley salad and then grilled the hallumi👌🏼 Put it all together with a good squeeze of lemon 🍋 
Perfection on a plate👌🏼 x

The Bunless Burger

We all love a good burger and just because you are eating healthily does not mean you should miss out!! Its a bit tricky to eat so a knife and folk may be required for the ladies of the group:-) This can all be done in one flat pan too so you will be winning all round!

Ingredients and instructions:
This should create 2 -3 portions
1 x sweet potato sliced
1 x avocado de-seed and slice 
5 x cherry tomatoes sliced
A good handful of spinach
King prawns
Juice of 1 lemon

Heat some coconut oil in a flat griddle pan
Lay the sweet potato slices in the pan and cook until softened and brown, turning occasionally (Add rock salt if desired). 
Once almost done pile on one side of the pan and add the prawns and spinach and cook until softened.
You can add lime or lemon juice to the prawns and spinach while they cook to add moisture and taste.
Then layer the ingredients as you desire and ENJOY!

Coconut and Basil Curry

Ingredients and Instructiosn: Large chicken breast, cut into chunks
– Half a tin of light coconut milk
– 1 red pepper, diced
– 1 red onion, diced
– 4 tbsp of fresh basil, chopped
– 3 garlic cloves
– 1 thumb sized piece of ginger, peeled
– 2 tbsp cumin
– 1 tsp red chilli flakes (or chopped red chilli)
– 4 spring onions (scallions), sliced
– 1 red chilli, sliced

1) Heat some oil in a pan and add the chicken and cook for around 10 minutes (check to make sure it is done)

2) Whilst the chicken is cooking, crush the garlic and finely chop the ginger.

3) Once the chicken is cooked, add the garlic and ginger along with the chilli flakes and cumin. Add the red pepper and red onion and cook for 2 minutes.

So that’s it!! As promised, by the time you have finished you would of had a date, know more about why you might not be losing weight and if you will be feeling great!! I really hope that whoever is reading this enjoys it all!  These steps and advice have helped me so much and I know if you try them then they will do the same for you.

Lots of love as always,

Stacey x x x

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